Kodiak Developer Center

Kodiak Developer Center

Add reliable, sub-second Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk communications to your application and services.


Kodiak is committed to adding value to our Developer Partners, helping them stand out in the market with instantaneous push-to-talk communications services powered by our broadband PTT solution.

  • The Kodiak Broadband PTT instant communication solution integrates seamlessly with your new or existing business applications or LMR dispatch consoles.
  • Deliver the superior availability, reliability, and end-to-end performance that makes instantaneous group and one-to-one communications very attractive to your customers.
  • As the leading provider of carrier-integrated broadband PTT, Kodiak offers its Developer Partners unprecedented access to carriers, their sales organizations, and their customers.
  • Kodiak's ongoing test and certification program reduces the time and effort required to get your application or console product accepted for use within a carrier’s network.

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